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The Childcare Auburn logo is a registered trademark of Centro Parental Services, Inc. This company designs and develops curriculum based on the National Council for Special Education (NCSS) Individualized Educational Development (ISED) guidelines. NCSS is a government organization that prescribes the policies and procedures required for States, Local Authorities and Schools to achieve specific goals set by the United States Department of Education (ED) regarding the education of students with special needs. The objectives of this policy include developing a system that provides children who have learning difficulties a comprehensive education. As one of the guiding policy statements of the U.S. Department of Education, National Special Education Programs (NSPAP) is an essential component of the National Parenting Plan (NSPAP). Since inception, the National Special Education Programs (NSPAP) has focused on achieving consistent state level achievement in special education. NCSS also collaborates with the State Teachers Clearinghouse, the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and other relevant organizations and provides technical support and resources to the organizations.


2 The name “Centro Parental Services” was derived from the Latin name “cerdo incendi” which means “children of care”. The official name of this childcare provider is “Centro Parental Services, Inc.”. The company’s website claims that the company offers a variety of services to families in need. Some of these include Early Childhood Development (ECD), Pre-K education, Social Development, Special Education, CDL training, Workforce Development, Employment/ Job Training, and Developmental Mobility. Additionally, the company offers two specialize units: Cyber Prevention Services and Cyber Safety Services.


Information about the childcare vacancy includes the name and birth date of the individual seeking a position. Credentials, references and immunizations are listed. Additional information such as financial aid availability, hours location, on-site training and development, preferred dress code, work detail, benefits package and potential starting salary are also listed. Information about the applicant’s work history is also available.

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