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stormwater consultants

Stormwater Consultants is a process whereby companies that have a responsibility for managing water that impacts on the environment can hire stormwater consultants. This process allows companies to work with experienced and trained consultants who can help them meet their legal and regulatory obligations. The stormwater consultants are usually hired by the counties where they have a stormwater management responsibility, or by the townships within which they operate. The main objectives of these consultants are to mitigate the costs associated with stormwater and to maximise the efficiency with which stormwater is managed.


These consultants assess the potential for reducing runoff, improving soil quality for plant life and reducing algae growth in stormwater runoff. They create plans for the best management practices for the regions in which they work and implement these practices in their day to day operations. Most of the time, these companies will work in partnership with the local government and the county government as well as with state agencies like the Fish and Wildlife Department. They work closely with various private entities that have a responsibility for water resource management including developers and landowners, as well as public organizations. Most of the time, these companies will focus on working with the BMPs – base studies, mitigation programs, and Best Management Practices.


The concept behind stormwater management consulting is to improve water management so that communities are able to effectively manage stormwater runoff. Best management practices involve implementation of a comprehensive plan that takes into consideration the characteristics of the area as well as the frequency and magnitude of future storms. BMPs, which are short term goals, are often discussed during a county-wide strategic stormwater planning meeting. Stormwater consultants are an essential aspect of this process and it is important to work with an experienced and skilled consultant that has the right experience and expertise for your particular needs.

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