Beware of These Extra Charges When Hiring an IT Support Company

The cost of hiring a good IT support company should not be treated as an expense. Rather, you should treat it as a business investment that lets you utilize your IT hardware and software infrastructure to offer quality services to a wider range of clients. However, this does not mean you should pay the charges demanded by the IT support company without assessing the fine print. In fact, you should go through the details of fees and charges levied by the IT support company in detail before finalizing the deal. Make sure you look out for these extra charges when finalizing the contract with the IT consulting firm.

Extra Charges for Remote Support

Just because you have agreed to pay a per-hour fee whenever a technician visits your office does not mean issues cannot be resolved over the phone or through remote assistance. This option will help you reduce the charges payable to the IT support company provided the company does not charge extra for remote support. If you are paying extra for remote support, then you should negotiate a reduction in the per-hour fee for onsite support.

Multiple Slabs for Onsite Support

Is the onsite support fee linked to the number of onsite visits made by the technician? Does your IT support company charge extra if the number of onsite visits exceeds a pre-determined limit? If yes, then you may end up paying extra simply because your system faced frequent issues and required additional onsite support. In such a scenario, consider shifting to the unlimited onsite support package offered by the IT support company. This may help you avoid paying extra for frequent support visits.

Extra Fee for a Dedicated Account Manager

Does your IT support company charge extra for the facility of having a dedicated account manager? Just compare firms online and choose an IT support company that offers this facility for free. Dealing with multiple employees when you need support urgently can be very frustrating. However, you certainly don’t need to pay an extra fee for this facility considering the fact that you can easily find a reputed IT support company that offers this service at no extra cost.

The general perception amongst clients is that a managed IT contract will always be an expensive affair. Instead of working with pre-conceived notions, it is advisable to compare options online to find an affordable IT support company offering quality service.